About Your Tucker Paisley

A handbag line designed for women who aren't afraid to make a statement, Tucker Paisley's timeless, stunning pattern is a standout amongst other handbag lines. The result of a desire to create an original pattern and transform it into a signature look for an entire line of handbags, each bag is unique in both pattern and style. Designers Tracy Fredkin and Doug NeJaime created their original paisley inspired print and launched their signature collection in September 2006. The Signature Collection has six versatile styles ranging from the compact Kimberly clutch to the large, structured Henne tote, all featuring the signature print.

We have continued to evolve and re-invent our most popular styles as well as create new looks and find new ways to incorporate our signature print into the line. Each season we add new styles, textures and colors while still making sure each new piece is accented by our signature print. Every bag is defined by clean lines, rich colors, and detailed finishing. Every style in our line is light-weight, comfortable to carry and will stand the test of time, no matter how hard you on your handbags.

The signature print goes through a rigorous process to come to life on our handbags. After test printing and color selection, the original paisley-inspired pattern is printed on the highest quality cotton/polyester blend fabric, which is washable and dry cleanable. The printed fabric is then backed with canvas to give each piece structure and texture. Tucker Paisley's line is designed and produced entirely in Los Angeles. Each Tucker Paisley handbag is named after our amazing family members and close friends.